Wednesday, September 22, 2010

sometimes. . . .

Sometimes I think I'm addicted to baking.  Or else I'm addicted to baked goods.  In less than a week, I've baked a coffee cake, chocolate chip cookies, cream cheese banana muffins, and Jamie made brownies.  Mind you, none of these goodies have left our home (except in lunch boxes).  It was all for us!!!!

Sometimes I listen multiple times to Seeking You by Hillsong United.  It's my go to song when I'm down.  And yes, it's old now [1999], and nothing close to their best stuff, but I like it.

Sometimes I play Bach on the piano when no one is around.  Just so I'll know I still can.

  Sometimes I eat hot fudge sauce straight from the jar with a spoon.  Yes, I look both ways, open the fridge, and indulge. 

Sometimes I feel like the world might stop turning if I don't visit a Kroger once a day.  And sometimes I'd like to shout at people who call it "Kroger[s]", 

Sometimes I wonder why Allie has brown eyes.  I have green, Chip has blue, Jamie has green.  My mom has brown, so I suppose that's where.   I don't remember all that dominant gene biology business. 

Sometimes I realize that I think too much about nonsense, and should be 
spending the time baking.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What I Ate for Dinner

While I could write about my aversion to bumper stickers that say things like "Don't spread my wealth, spread my work ethic" and "My blue heeler is smarter than your honor student", I will instead write about something dull, like what I ate for dinner.

No one else is home, so I decided to make myself a frittata.  I got turned onto these this summer, when I checked Mediterranean Harvest out of the library.  I stopped by our community garden plot this evening, picked a couple tomatoes, and came home, ready to cook. 

I decided to add a slice of toast to my plate, topping it with my mother's homemade peach jelly.  
{Hers is the absolute best}
Here's dinner:

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Allie and I spent the weekend together [sans Chip & Jamie].  Our men are in Haiti.  
One accomplishment was the completion of a project Allie's been working on for quite some time.  It relates to her summer reading required for Language Arts class.  She put together a scrapbook based on Warriors Don't Cry, by Melba Pattillo Beals.  If you don't know about this important story, I recommend you research it a bit.  Allie's school is 48% white, son Jamie's is 42%.  I am excited they experience diversity in their educational life, and find it crazy to think that over half the students at their current schools wouldn't have been welcome at Little Rock's Central High.
[Allie reads/eats/listens to DOJO]
We enjoyed a picnic at Ashland, the Henry Clay Estate, while listening to the music of DOJO.  Sunday morning we went to Vineyard, and heard a stellar message from our pastor, Kevin Clark about being a disciple
And. . . . . Monday we celebrated Labor Day by hiking at Raven Run. . . . .  

 then we finished off the evening watching 

Unfortunately, Allie forgot she needed to practice band [she plays percussion] sometime this weekend.  So. . . . she will have to practice 40 minutes today [Tuesday].  And. . . finish an additional summer reading project.  And. . . complete any other homework.  

The good news is. . . . . the weekend will come again.  And we'll make our own variation of these.  [If you've never stopped by  The Pioneer Woman's sight, you absolutely MUST!]

And we'll welcome home our  
Haiti travelers [yay!].